Manage and organize all the fonts on your computer


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If you usually work with design projects, or just like giving your text documents a bit of variety, you probably use lots of different types of fonts. Typograf is a useful software that previews, manages, and organizes OpenType, TrueType, and Type1 fonts.

This tool displays all the font properties, such as the style, spacing, file data, copyrights, etc. Typograf shows all the fonts on the hard drive, DVD, CD, optical drives, discs, folders, and subfolders, organizing them by name, file, family, creator, date, or size.

With Typograf you can view the set of characters, the keyboard, and the enlarged view; search similar fonts; and compare different ones in tabular form.

This application prints fonts in many different ways and organizes them into groups and databases, adding information on the type of font and typeface.

Typograf is a really easy-to-use program that can quickly analyze units in search of duplicated fonts, and edit the file information.

Trial version works for 30 days.